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HALO® columns are designed for hyper-fast HPLC separations
Figure 4
Column: HALO® C18, 4.6 x 50 mm Mobile Phase: 55% Methanol, 45% 25mM sodium phosphate, pH 2.5 Flow Rate: 2.2 ml/min Temperature: ambient (24 °C) Pressure: 4,700 psi, 320 bar

HALO® columns are designed for hyper-fast separations so that higher sample throughput can be achieved. In this example, the HALO® column separated seven compounds in less than 48 seconds with better than baseline resolution for all peak pairs.
Stability testing of a HALO® HPLC column
Figure 6
Column: HALO® C8, 2.1 x 50 mm Mobile Phase: 50% Acetonitrile, 50% water Flow Rate: 1.0 ml/min Temperature: ambient (24 °C) Pressure: 3,800 psi, 260 bar

A HALO® column was run under high flow conditions to test bed stability. After 500 sample injections and over 40,000 column volumes, there was no evidence of any change to the packing bed.
Comparison of van Deemter plots
Figure 8
Van Deemter plots are a convenient way to compare the efficiency of HPLC columns. In this comparison we see that HALO® columns are more efficient than columns packed with 5 μm or 3.5 μm particles and that they can be run at higher mobile phase linear velocity and still maintain their resolving power.

Pittcon 2007 presentation by Dr. Joseph Kirkland – New Fused-Core Particles for Very Fast HPLC Separations

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Jack Kirkland lecture at HPLC 2008

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